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The safety needs of children are usually not taken into consideration in the design and furnishing of most homes in India, which makes our service here so important. We basically help you look at your nest from a new perspective that includes baby.
According to the extensive market research that was undertaken by our team, that included a survey of 500 new moms, we found that the best time to begin babyproofing is before your child starts crawling and discovering all the dangers in your home. Even if your baby is already crawling, it is not too late.
We have given description of possible dangers in every room to explain you why our babyproofing services are essential to keep your baby absolutely safe.

For an exploring infant or a curious toddler, the bathroom is a magical place, full of hands-on opportunities and danger. If your bathroom is not baby-proof, your child has the potential of drowning, being electrocuted, over dosing on medication, being poisoned and more. Here are some of the dangers possible in bathroom:-
  • If you leave your child unattended in the bath tub for even a couple of minutes, your child risks slipping into just an inch of water or worse.. or bump their heads against spouts and tub-walls.
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.: Now your bathroom is full of toiletries that are specifically designed for babies and therefore cause them no harm, BUT, along with them are the everyday toiletries that adults use. These cosmetics, if injested or applied in sensitive areas, even small amounts can be very hazardous for the little ones.
  • Electrical Dangers : Any appliance that is plugged in, even if it's switched off, can slip or be dropped into water and risk electrocution.
  • Water Happy Toddlers usually tip their heads into the toilet seat cover or put their hands into it finding it an interesting water bowl to play with, and rubbing their tiny hand all over the face afterwards. But it is full of unhygenic bacteria, and drinking unclean water is one of foremost reasons for ailments in children.

Preparation of food, and other chores demand the new-mom to spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen. Since keeping the kids close is regarded a safer option, unfortunately the kitchen opens a whole new world of dangers for the little one.
With all the spices, sharp utensils, dangerous chemicals, drawers, etc. A kitchen can be a major danger-zone for the curious little mind. Mothers need to be alert about the children pouring hot liquids or food onto themselves, slipping on wet floors, possible electrocution, sharp objects, and poisonous chemicals and objects your baby or toddler could choke on. With our help, little planning and a list of common precautions, you can have peace of mind while preparing meals. Listed below are some of the dangers ‘BabyProofing’ will help avert for you in the kitchen:-
  • The chemicals stored under sink can be poisonous for kids if the cabinet under the sink is not locked.
  • Kids love to explore Trash/Dustbins in the kitchen which is not safe as they might end up eating something extremely unhygenic & dangerous.
  • Little Toddlers try to touch everything that their parents do which can mostly lead to unfortunate outcomes. Thier hands can get burnt if they touch hot/ bioling surfaces . In addition, the risk of electrocution is always around with open electrical sockets and all electrical appliances used in the kitchen.
  • Children can always trip or do a lot worse, whether they are crawling or walking around cords of appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves etc.


Living rooms are meant for relaxation and socialising/ entertaining guests. As e result, they are full of furniture like sofas, tables, electric lamps, Chairs, bookshelves etc. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the little crawlers from colliding with the furniture and risk heavy items collapsing on them. With our help, you can diffuse these dangerous turn-of-events before they happen in living room as listed below:-

  • Be it Tiny crawlers, new or unsteady walkers, but staircases pose a great threat to all as children may trip and get nasty falls. Moreover railings with widely spaced slats can lead to further injuries or entrapment in dangerous positions.
  • Hard and sharp corners or edges on coffee and dinner tables can cause cuts and bruises to the baby.
  • Kids love to touch paintings and other showcases hanging on wall by climbing up to them which creates the of them falling off the wall onto the curious climbers.
  • The cords on blinds and curtains are major entanglemens hazards that pose great threat to their well-being.
  • To a small child, the holes in an electrical outlet are tempting places to stick things. The result can be severe shock and electrical burns.
  • Little ones enjoy opening and closing doors and sometimes get hurt by their fingers getting pinched in the process

Travel is a basic necessity for all families and car travel is the most common means of doing so, therefore it is equally important to make it absolutely equipped and secure for a baby to travel. Adult seatbelts do not offer sufficient protection for babies and children need an appropriate child restraint to be used until the child reaches 7 years. The most important part of the safety is installation of baby car seats.

Also, a ‘Baby on Board’ Sticker, on the vehicle urges fellow vehicle-drivers to drive cautiously around you.
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