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As we’ve mentioned the need to babyproof  your bathrooms, in this section we’ve provided the list of services that’ll greatly reduce your child encountering numerous lurking dangers.

This is what we can install for you:-

1. Non Slip Tub Mat:
Never leave your child unattended in a bathtub or bath ring. Install no-slip strips on the bottom of the tub.

2. Toilet Lock:
Install lid locks on all toilets and keep the lid closed to prevent drowning and to keep the lid from slamming on your baby's head or hands.

3. Cabinet Lock
- Cabinet locks/latches are a must for all drawers and doors in the bathroom. The shelves containing medication and cleaning chemicals (Cosmetics, Shampoos, conditioners, bodywash etc.) must have cabinet/magnetic tot locks for the highest degree of safety.

4. Electrical Outlet Covers - To keep your child safe, electrical outlet covers are made that keep adventurous hands and fingers out of harm’s way. They can be installed without difficulty, and most covers are also made with insulation to make your home more energy efficient.

Spout Cover - Spout-cover guards make excellent protectors against bumped heads on the spout in a bathtub. They cover the spout and pad it to ease the impact of a fall in this area. If your toddler gets to pulling this off to play with, silicone works wonders. These covers are made in a range of styles, from the simple blow-up cushion to elaborate fantasy figures that blow bubbles.







The kitchen is another potential danger zone for your kids, that can be made a whole lot safer with our help.

This is what we can install for you:-

1. Cabinet Locks - Store Cleaners and other dangerous products in a high cabinet. If you have to keep them under the sink, use a childproof lock on the cabinet doors.

2. Fire extinguishers - Keep one on hand, mounted in a conspicuous place.

3. Drawers stops
- Make sure all drawers have stops, so that your baby or toddler can't pull the drawer out on top of himself. Also, keep sharp instruments in a latched drawer separate from safe kitchen utensils.

Stove guards - A stove guard can help prevent your baby from burning themselves on the burners. If your toddler can reach the stove knobs- try installing ones that they are unable to operate.

5. Appliance locks
-Install locks/latches on all appliances. This includes fridge, oven and microwave. Only open these appliances when loading or unloading items. Never leave them open.

6. Cord Shorteners
- Be mindful of small appliances. Your toddler can easily pull the cords and face electrocution. Keep toasters, coffee makers, phones, and microwave cords out of reach by using cord shorteners.



Living Room/Bedroom  

This is the room that the kids would spend most of their time as it is most commonly used area of the house. BabyProofing.in will make your living room a safe haven for the curious toddlers, all along maintaining the décor you’ve envisoned for it.

This is what we can install for you:-

1. Door Stoppers - Little ones enjoy opening and closing doors, so use a door knob latch or cover that will prevent them from going where they shouldn’t. Door knob covers may work, or you can choose to install high deadbolts that will keep your curious one inside. Door stoppers will prevent your baby’s fingers to get pinched while closing the door.

2. Electrical covers - To a small child, the holes in an electrical outlet are tempting places to stick things. The result can be severe shock and electrical burns. Don't take chances: put child-resistant covers on all unused outlets. Install electrical outlet plugs to protect your baby from shock.

3. Cord Shorteners - There’s a risk of serious mouth burns if a child chews on an electrical cord. Try taping the cords to your baseboards or running them under furniture so they're out of reach as much as possible. Unplug extension cords when not in use, and reduce the slack in cords being used by coiling the excess and securing it with a rubber band or string. Keep window blind and drapery cords out of reach by wrapping them around a high hook. Strangulation can occur when a toddler climbs on furniture and grabs onto the cords to look out a window.

4. Corner Bumpers - Sharp table edges can hurt your toddlers. Therefore, corner cushions can be of great help in preventing kids from hurting themselves.

5. L Brackets - Furniture should be secured with L-brackets. Your baby will try to pull themselves up on various items, so it is important to secure all items.



One of the most dangerous areas of the house and quite possibly the easiest to remedy.
This is what we can install for you:-

1. Baby Gate - Always use a baby gate at the top and bottom of all stairways.

2. Carpeting or Rugs
- Carpeting helps soften falls for a learning toddler. If you have rugs, make sure that they are secured with rug tape or have non-slip backing.

Car Safety  

Travelling with babies can be made a lot more safe with the installation of varied products we provide.


This is what we can install for you:-

1. Car Seat -Installation of car-seats gives the child maximum protection in the event of an accident or collision.

2. ‘Baby On Board’ Sticker
- A very simple precaution is pasting a ‘Baby On-Board’ sticker on your car, so as to inform the other drivers to be caution and careful around your car.



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