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We also provide babyproofing services to the corporate sector that includes Schools, Daycare Centers, MNCs and Hotels.
Babyproofing in Playschools/Schools

Babyproofing is very essential in schools especially the junior wing. In a classrooms of small kids, their playing room, their toilets must be proofed of dangers that can hurt them or do them worse. For instance, a very unfortunate and sad accident occurred On January 13, 2011, when Seven San Francisco middle school students were taken to hospitals after ingesting small amounts of rat poison they found on top of a classroom filing cabinet, thinking the single blue cube was candy.
One of the students found the small cube and took a little nibble and told classmates it tasted like a cookie. Six others, boys and girls ranging in age from 10 to 12, then licked or bit pieces of the 1.5-inch cube of poison and either swallowed or spit it out.
So, working towards our objective of protecting kids , we have started the business of childproofing not only homes but schools as well.It is appreciative of the schools who have contacted us and showed their concern for the welfare of their students.

Babyproofing in Daycare Centers
Careful research and planning has gone into every detail to ensure that your child would not only be safe at home but also at the Daycare center so that the parents can have peace of mind even when their child is not with them.
The curious toddlers can get themselves into trouble by escaping through an open gate at the staircase or can get their fingers pinched in a door that may not have a door stopper. With the incorporation of special plans for Daycare Centers, we can together work towards protecting little curious toddlers from getting hurt. 
Many MNCs to ensure that women employees should not give up their otherwise aspiring career to fulfill their role as a mother arrange  for day care facility in office premises .We  are providing our services in this sector also.
Babyprooing in Hotels
Many tourists prefer having babyproofed rooms in their hotel in addition to equipments like cribs , highchairs etc. since it s difficult for travellers to carry a full array of supplies. The tourist either needs a second set for travel, or  needs to undo thier home babyproofing just before leaving & remember to redo it when they return home.
Since India is one of the popular destinations among people all over the world,we decided to extend our services even to this sector too.Our services will not only ensure the protection of tourist’s kids but will also add points to the hospitality provided by hotels in India.
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