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Babyproofing Homes is a necessity when a new angel is born in the house to keep him safe. Now due to the prominence of nuclear families in western countries, there are professional babyproofers who provide a practical approach of doing it with the help of the safety products available for toddler safety. They also give valuable suggestions which help new moms to be more careful, alert and take precautionary measures.
In India, after our detailed research, and the emergence of a trend shifting towards nuclear families, we felt the need of a childproofing company that could help all the new moms who wanted some professionals to babyproof their homes and also teach them the best practices they can adopt for child safety.

It was then BabyProofing.in came into being. BabyProofing Co. provides in-home child safety evaluations, recommends high quality, scrutinized safety devices specific to your home and offers expert installation.a

In order to give your child a safe access to every room of your house, we provide room by room safety tips. Now every room be it a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen or a living room, they all present a different set of dangers and health hazards for a child. Baby proofing.in will have experts install a variety of safety solution products that will avert these commonly observed dangers, making your home as safe as it can be for your little one. In addition our baby-safety experts will also be providing the new parents with a list of safety tips ensuring your toddler’s safety.

  • Conduct a comprehensive room by room evaluation of your entire house.
  • Identify potential hazards in your home .Many hidden risks are often overlooked by new parents.
  • Install the safety products and recommend helpful solutions you want for your baby and teach you how to use them properly.
Every home is different. The cost of babyproofing generally depends on the size of your home, your lifestyle, and the products you decide you need–how many gates and cabinet latches, for example, and where you spend your time in your home with your baby. We will work within your budget to help you choose the best way to make your home safer.
Don’t waste time running back and forth to retail stores purchasing poor quality baby gates, cabinet latches and other products that are difficult to install, don’t work correctly, and break easily!

BabyProofing Co. offers only the BEST quality safety products at competetive market prices. Our inventory of specialty safety products are more durable, easier to use and safer than most of what you will find at other local retail stores. Let BabyProofing Co. save you the time and frustration of buying products that just don't work!

We take pride in what we do and provide only the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our professional installation service and experience allows us to offer customers safe, affordable and attractive solutions keeping your little explorers safe. Our team of experts is growing as our company reaches more families. We are dedicated to decreasing child injury and death statistics in India by way of injury prevention education.

An overwhelming response from parents, companies, kindergartens and even hotels has encouraged us to do a lot more for child safety in India. We promise to make it bigger and reach every possible place in India soon.
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